Thailand Pics Bob on a Valley Spokesmen Ride in Thailand 2005

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    Photos by Bob Lynn
    Richard and Pin Weiss at SFO

    Thailand Bicycle Tour - Our Tour of Thailand was arranged by Richard Weiss and his wife, Pin. They made all of the hotel reservations, planned the route and arranged for sag support. Tour participants were Carol Feagles, Geoff Shannon, Kaman Tong, Dick Weiss, Barbara Wood and me. Our sag driver in a trusty Mitsubishi pickup truck was Mr Lab. Our cycling days generally started between 8 and 9 and ended in the late afternoon. Our lunches were eaten in roadside huts where food orders were made by Lab. Almost all of our breakfasts were eaten in our hotel restaurants. Dinner were eaten in local restaurants or in market stalls. We occassionally bought fruit (bananas, melons, strawberries, etc.) at cycling rest stops. Our non-riding days were spent sight-seeing or resting. The temperature in the mornings was in the low 70's and it rose in the afternoon to the mid-90's to the low 100's (usually on the steepest hills). It did not rain - we were there during the dry season.

    Photos by Bob Lynn
    The Riders - Barbara Wood, Kaman Tong, me, Geoff Shannon, Carol Feagles, and Dick Weiss. (Pin is in the background)
    Photos by Bob Lynn
    Mr Lab and the Mitsubishi Pickup Truck
    This was our itinerary:
    Date Time Activity KM MI
    Jan 11 0830 Arrive SFO for check in - have tickets, passport,
    cash, credit card, bicycle and luggage.
      1155 Depart SFO on JAL 001 for Narita, Japan    
    Jan 12 1555 Arrive Narita    
      1845 Depart Narita on JAL 707 for Bangkok    
      2345 Arrive Bangkok pick up Truck and Taxi to Federal Hotel    
    Jan 13   At Federal Hotel. Assemble bike, walking tour R&R    
    Jan 15 0430 P/U Truck/Taxi to Hualamphong Train Station    
      1500 Arrive Uttaradit - truck or bike to Seeharaj Hotel 2km    
    Jan 16   Bike to Sukhothai River View Hotel 107 66
    Jan 17   Bike to Kamphaong Phet - Phet Hotel 81 50
    Jan 18   Bike to Phitsanolok - Golden Grand Hotel 103 64
    Jan 19   Bike to Uttaradit - Seeharaj hotel 111 69
    Jan 20   R&R Uttaradit    
    Jan 21   Bike to Phrae- Maeyom Palace Hotel 77 48
    Jan 22   Bike to Long (Pin's Home) and then
    Lampang Tip Chang Hotel
    113 70
    Jan 23   Bike to Chaing Mai 103 64
    Jan 24   R&R Chaing Mai    
    Jan 25   Bike to Fang -Chok Thani Hotel 158 98
    Jan 26   Bike to Mae Sol - Wang Tong Hotel 117 73
    Jan 27   Bike to Chiang Rai - Wang Come Hotel 102 63
    Jan 28   R & R Chaing Rai    
    Jan 29   Bike to Phayao Tharn Thong Hotel 95 59
    Jan 30   Bike to Lampang - Tip Chang Hotel 39 86
    Jan 31   Bike to Phrae Mawyom Palace Hotel 109 68
    Feb 1   Bike to Uttaradit - Seeharaj Hotel 77 48
    Feb 2   R&R Uttaradit    
    Feb 3   R&R Uttaradit    
    Feb 4   Train to Bangkok p/u truck/taxi to Federal Hotel    
    Feb 5   Pack Bikes R&R Bangkok    
    Feb 6   Tour Bangkok    
    Feb 7   Tour Bangkok    
    Feb 8 0500 p/u truck/taxi to Don Muang Airport    
    1005 Arrive SFO