BAC Italy Pics BAC Methow Valley 2012

  • September 3 - Arrival

    I left the cabin on Lake Wenatchee after lunch. There was no hurry to get to Winthrop and Jack said it would take less then 3 hours. I headed out to US2, drove through Leavenworth , skirted Wenatchee on US97, followed the Columbia River to State Hwy 153 and finally joined State Hwy 20 which led me into Winthrop and the Chewuch Inn.

    Photos by Bob Lynn
    Trout Hollow

    My room was on the second floor. It was small with a queen size bed. It was very clean. There was a ceiling fan to circulate the warm mid-day air and a small air conditioner to use for hot temperatures. The decor was designed for fishermen. A coffee maker was on one of the side tables with a jar of fresh locally roasted coffee. Brewing strong coffee became part of my morning routine. Good free wifi was provided. There was also a TV which I never turned on.

    Downstairs, there was a common room with hundreds of VCR movies that you could take to your room. There was also a breakfast room that had coffee and tea available along with cookies after 5PM. Outside, there was a hot tub which some of our riders used. There was also a patio with picnic tables which we used for some of our Social Hours.

    Terry Karro was our ride director. She called our first Social Hour together at 4:30. We sampled the usual snacks and liquid refreshments as Terry conducted a discussion of the administrative necessities for the ride. After that, we went around in a circle and introduced ourselves. There were 22 members signed up for the ride. Several local BAC members joined us from time to time.

    Photos by Bob Lynn
    Kathy and Rolf Borgerson

    Our group dinner tonight was at the home of Kathy and Rolf Borgerson. She is a local local caterer who used to own a restaurant in Winthrop. We car-pooled to her house on East County Rd. She served us salmon, grilled pork, several salads, vegetables and dessert which included killer fudge brownies with a salty frosting. Of course, beer and wine were available. We ate outside on her patio. It got a little chilly as the sun went down, but it was a very pleasant evening.