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  • BAC Trans Alps 2008 - August 18 - September 1 2008

    Trans Alps: From Salzburg to Venice across the Alps and the Dolomites


    The following was the description of the ride on the BAC website.

    This tour, which will be commercially supported by Viadelsole , an Italian touring company with previous experience with BAC trips, will span two countries – Austria and Italy. Explore the Alps and the Dolomites. Cross mountain passes with challenging climbs and breathtaking descents. The food and accommodations are sure to be exceptional. You will return from this trip with fantastic memories of cycling amidst majestic scenery and experiencing the gracious and celebrated culture of these two beautiful countries. The tour begins in Mozart’s Salzburg. Use Austrian bike paths and roadways to see the beauty of the rugged mountains and picturesque valleys. Cross into Italy and the Dolomites, where you will get a flavor for the routes followed in the Giro d’Italia. The tour concludes in the vineyards of northern Italy and a visit to Venice.

    DIFFICULTY: The ride is rated as 3B - 790 kilometers over eleven riding days including several days of significant climbing. Day 4 includes over 20 kilometers of climbing at an average 6.8% grade (from 813 meters above sea level to 2504 m asl). Day 9 includes over 15 kilometers at an average 5.6% grade (from 1224 m asl to 2192 m asl). The daily distance ranges from 53 to 84 kilometers. Optional loop rides will be available on rest days. Routes are paved, with varying width of shoulders. Most are lightly traveled.

    OVERNIGHTS: Our stops include small hotels and local restaurants. Three stops are for two nights. The hotels are generally three or four star rated. Some are in resorts and have swimming pools, saunas and other resort amenities. The views may be spectacular mountains and valleys or of the old town center. Each will be different and offer a view of our host country none of us will ever forget.

    Below are links to lodging, Garmin GPS files, Google Earth files, Google Map files and elevation profiles. If you have Garmin's Mapsource software installed on your computer, you can open the Garmin GPS files with it. If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, you can open the Google Earth files with it. If you click on a mileage, a new window will open showing the route in Google Map format. If you click on one of the links under "Profile", you will see an elevation profile.

    Google Earth will give you a better view of the topography, etc. If you have the latest Google Earth, you can use your mouse to highlight the day's track and play the tour (Tools/Play Tour).

    Please be aware that all routes and maps shown on this web site are not 100% accurate. The GPS software used to create them could not recognize bicycle trails or some of the waypoints described on the route sheets.

    The table below is for pre-ride planning. The actual maps, profiles etc. are within the daily journals.

    Itinerary and Lodging Garmin GPS * Google Earth ** Map / Miles Profile
    August 18 - Arrive in Salzburg Hotel Stadtkrug        
    August 19 - Day 1 - Salzburg to the Hotel Goldenes Schiff in Bad Ischl
        66 km
        1A 1B
    August 20 - Day 2 - Bad Ischl to the Hotel Kogler in Bad Mitterndorf     Download     Run
        62 km
        2A 2B
    August 21 - Day 3 - Bad Mitterndorf to Hotel Hotel Seitnalm in Radstadt     Download     Run
        77 km
        Day 3
    August 22 - Day 4 - Fusch/Ferleiten to Altstadthotel Eck in Lienz     Download     Run
        75 km
        Day 4
    August 23 - Day 5 - Lienz Loop Altstadthotel Eck     Download     Run
        56 km
        Day 5
    August 24 - Day 6 - Lienz to Hotel-Gasthof Unterwoger in Obertilliach     Download     Run
        68 km
        Day 6
    August 25 - Day 7 - Obertilliach to Hotel Majoni in Cortina     Download     Run
        69 km
        Day 7
    August 26 - Day 8 - Cortina Loop Hotel Majoni     Download     Run
        65 km
        Day 8
    August 27 - Day 9 - Cortina to Hotel Krone/Wolkenstein in Selva Gardena     Download     Run
        55 km
        Day 9
    August 28 - Day 10 - Selva Gardena to Hotel Alleghe in Alleghe     Download     Run
        53 km
        Day 10
    August 29 - Day 11 - Alleghe to Albergo Capello e Cadore in Belluno     Download     Run
        60 km
        Day 11
    August 30 - Day 12 - Belluno to Il Faé Bed & Breakfast in Conegliano     Download     Run
        84 km
        Day 12
    August 31 - Explore Venice Park Hotel Villa Stucky
    September 1 - Leave Venice

    * You must have Garmin's MapSource installed on your computer to download and use this file.

    ** You must have Google Earth installed on your computer to download and use this file.